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Kim Korkar Kırmızı Başlıklı Kız'dan?

Who is Afraid of the Little Red Riding Hood?

1st print in 2009 Kırçiçeği Publications / 1st print in 2014 Yapı Kredi Publ.,

Written by Şahinkanat, Sara,
Illust. by İnan, Ayşe
(Translated to English, Macedonian, Galician, Persian)



This story is about a little wolf who wants to enjoy the forest by himself. But given the hints, both little wolf and his mother are quite fond of reading and they are aware of the classic tales. The mother is also aware of the forest’s risks. So the mother wolf wams the little one about his attitude to the Little Red Riding Hood and the hunter. And she happily finds out that her little wolf is more than aware and he even has creative solutions for all.



  • 2021
    Macedonia Reader’s Book Awards 3rd place, Macedonia

  • 2009
    Best Illustrated Story Book of the Year by IBBY - Turkey (ÇGYD), Istanbul/Turkey



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  • “The place of Little Red Riding Hood illustrations in cultural transmission”, Academic article written by Göktaş, Pınar ‘Kırmızı Başlıklı Kız İllüstrasyonlarının Kültürel Aktarımdaki Yeri, 21 September 2017,


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